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Find Adventure on
the Water at the
Dillon Marina
Really Good Goods @ Dillon's  Friday Farmers Market   So much more than a walk in the park (but yes, our parks are amazing) 

Dillon Amphitheater:
The Perfect Setup for the Perfect Lineup 

Just Say No to the Theme Park: The Dillon Marina Is Where It Gets Real

If you’re a fan of fresh and local, plan to be in Dillon on a Friday morning (or five) this summer.

Places where you can sit and enter a complete Zen state, set out a picnic for two — or 20, toss a Frisbee, take in the views of the lake    Open-air, lakeside music on Friday and Saturday nights, some of the best views on the continent, and a sunset that more often than not runs Technicolor
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TT     Bjorn1      Kayaks on Lake Dillon Reservior     carrots

Let’s eat! Dillon’s got the             We love the honey at            The Ultimate Guide to                    Find the best of Colorado’s locally grown 
goods— in so, so many ways.     Dillon's Farmers Market.     Lake Life.                                         produce—and much more—at the Dillon 
                                                                                                                                                                 Farmers Market. Scott 97006
We’ve got you covered. In the      See how you can support          Lake Dillon is a major water                Hosting 130 vendors this lakeside 
form of breakfast, lunch,               bee health in your own yard.      source for the Denver Metro area   bazaar has everything from fruits   
dinner, happy hour, mid-day                                                              —and one of Colorado’s best        and veggies to rustic, western furniture.
snacking, bedtime snacking,                                                             options for water sports
a quick something...                                                                            and summer fun.

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