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Become a Dillon Farmers Market Vendor

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Town of Dillon Farmers Market Vendor Information


The 2020 Dillon Farmers Market Application is here! Please read everything thoroughly and remit your application with the $10 application fee. The 2020 market will run Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from June 5, 2020, through September 11, 2020. The market will be located on the west side of Lodgepole Street adjacent to the Dillon Reservoir.


If you are applying as a NEW vendor (meaning you have NEVER participated in a Dillon Farmers Market) you are only required to submit the NEW vendor application and the $10 application fee at this time. We will collect all other fees upon acceptance into the market. 

2020 Dillon Farmers Market Selection Information

The Dillon Farmers Market Selection Committee will begin its selection process in mid-March once all applications are processed. The Dillon Farmers Market Selection Committee selects vendors annually. Participation in a previous year’s market does not guarantee inclusion in the 2020 Market. Selections will be based on product mix, booth presentation and vendor attitude. The Dillon Farmers Market does not and will not offer exclusive rights to any one vendor to sell any one product. We believe that the competition will only motivate our vendors to bring their highest quality of products. Products that are Colorado-based will receive priority over vendors selling wares from other areas, but we will not exclude any vendors solely based on offering an out-of-state product. The final decision will rest with the Selection Committee and no explanation from the committee will be necessary. Only items that have been pre-approved will be allowed to be sold at your booth. If you do have a new product you would like to sell, you must present it to the Committee prior to selling it. 

If you are accepted into the Dillon Farmers Market you will be contacted by the Farmers Market Manager. At this time you will be required to apply for a Dillon Business license and payment in full will be due by the first market on June 5th 2020, no exceptions!


All returning vendors are required to fill out the RETURNING Vendor application and submit the $10 application fee. Participation in a previous year's market does not guarantee inclusion in the 2020 Market. Returning vendors are welcome to include all other applicable fees as well as the Dillon business license application and payment. Returning vendors are welcome to take advantage of early bird rates. To receive the early bird rate your application AND payment must be postmarked or received electronically no later than Friday, February 7th. 

New for 2020, all returning vendors are required to submit payment in full no later than Friday, April 3rd. Failure to pay in full by April 3rd will result in your inability to participate in the 2020 Dillon Farmers Market.

Additionally, those vendors selling any type of consumable, whether it is prepackaged or prepared, will also have to fill out the Summit County Public Health Department Food Vendor Application. If you fit this category, please visit: to obtain the application. Please submit this application to the Town as we are required to have it on file. It is your responsibility to adhere to the health department’s requirements. Any questions can be directed to them at 970.668.4070. Please be sure that if you are serving food you are familiar with the health departments regulations prior to the first market. Failure to do so may result in not being able to attend the market until you are in compliance.

All applications are due no later than Friday March 6, 2020.

Late applications will be considered on space availability. 


 NEW Vendor Application CLOSED
RETURNING Vendor Application CLOSED
 Dillon Business License 

 Summit County Public Health Food Vendor Application 



(Early bird rates are only available to returning vendors and must be paid by February 7th.) 

Full Time Vendor Fees Drop In Vendor Fees
$10 Application Fee $10 Application Fee
$60 Business License Fee $10 Business License Fee
$450 Early Bird Full Time Vendor (Returning Vendors ONLY)            $50 Drop In Fee per Market
$500 Full Time Vendor $15 Drop In Electric Fee
$250 Full Time Non-Profit
$400 Early Bird Second Booth (Returning Vendors ONLY)
$450 Second Booth
$200 Full Time Electric Fee
$200 Security Deposit


Click HERE to read the Farmers Market Rules and Regulations for 2020. 


Payment may be made online or by check mailed to the Town of Dillon. 

Remit online payment hereTown of Dillon Xpress Bill Pay

Directions for online payment: 

In the Click To Select section choose FM App Fee, fill in your information and select Add for Payment to add additional items such as FM Deposit, FM Parking Fee etc. 

When an item is selected from the drop-down list it will ask for the name. The name needs to match what is on the credit card or bank account you are using to pay. Please utilize the notes section if you need to cross reference a business name with the name on the credit card you are using to pay.

If sending a check, please make checks payable to: Town of Dillon

Please send checks to: 
Town of Dillon attn: Farmers Market
PO Box 8
Dillon, CO 80435


Licenses: Vendors will need to complete and remit a Multiple Event License Application, Form 0589 (which can be downloaded from the Colorado Department of Revenue at Form DR0098, the Special Event Sales Tax Return, can also be found on this site. Town of Dillon Sales Tax must be reported on this return. Summit County and the Town of Dillon DO COLLECT taxes on home consumption foods. Each market vendor is responsible for the collection and payment of their Dillon and Summit County taxes. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, "vendors or retailers that are selling goods, products, or some form of tangible personal property MUST separate the sales tax amount from the price of the item being sold; it cannot be absorbed into the amount of the selling price of the item." All taxes are paid to the State of Colorado using the DR0098 return. Custom made Colorado Special Event forms that combine the special event license application and sales tax return into a single form that automatically calculates sales tax, penalties, interest, vendor fees and license fees specific to the Dillon Farmers Market will be available at

Tax Responsibilities for ALL Non-Food Sales              Tax Responsibilities for ALL Food Sales for Home Consumption
2.5% Town of Dillon 2.5% Town of Dillon
2.75% Summit County 2.75% Summit County
.725 % Summit Housing Authority
5.25% Total Tax
2.9% State of Colorado
8.875% Total Tax


*Note the sales tax increase to 8.875% due to a .6% increase to the Summit Housing Authority. 

We would prefer all applications be submitted electronically. 

However, if you would like a hard copy of the application click on the form and click "print" in the upper right corner of the form. 

Please send all hard copies of the application to: 

Town of Dillon attn: Farmers Market 

P.O. Box 8

Dillon, CO 80435

The Town of Dillon staff devotes a great many hours to operating a successful and fun Farmers Market and we rely on you to do your part. Knowing and abiding by our rules and expectations is the first ingredient in the recipe for success for you the vendor, the Town of Dillon and most importantly our patrons.

Please direct any questions to the Farmers Market Manager, Matt Lope at (970) 262-3409 or at