Backflow Prevention Program

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Test and Report backflow devices

An annual inspection is required for all Commercial and Multi-Family Units (non single family home) backflow prevention devices and all irrigation systems are required to have testable backflow prevention devices. You must use a state certified tester using certified test equipment. The testing reports need to be submitted to the Town of Dillon Water Department. Installations that are not in compliance will be subject to shut-off. The following legislative actions can be referenced for more information:

1974 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act;

1973 Colorado Revised Statutes-Sections 25-2-207, 2-108 and Section 251-114;

Article 12 Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations;

Regulation 11.39 Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control Guidance (2017) Click here.

CDPHE Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control Rule Implementation Policy (DW-007) Click here.

2003 Dillon Municipal Code section 13-2-260

The water department conducts premises inspections yearly as part of this program. These visits are free and you will be able to get questions answered regarding the backflow prevention program. All devices need to be tested annually by a certified tester. The Town has certified testers on staff you may use (testing charges will added to water bill). You are welcome to use any cross connection tester certified in the state of Colorado.

Certified testers can be found under Backflow Testing in the Yellow Pages.

If you need any further assistance please contact us at 970.513.3340 or the backflow program operator 970.262.3428 or email