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Permits, Applications & Planning Information

Development Permits 

The development permit process allows Town Staff an opportunity to review a project with the applicant to determine if the proposed project is in compliance with the Town zoning and signage regulations. Most construction projects within the Town of Dillon municipal limits, require a Town of Dillon development permit. These projects include new structures, buildings, building additions, decks, remodels, window/door replacements, tenant finish, large sheds, stand alone garages, rental apartments, outdoor hot tubs, outdoor fireplaces, fences, solar panels, new driveways and driveway widening. 

Roofing and siding projects also need a development permit, but only require a building permit when the structure is modified. 

Please contact Ned West, Town Planner, at (970) 262-3421 or at your earliest convenience to discuss your project and determine what permits are required. Click here for more information about the development permits.

Grading and Excavation Permits

Any project that requires the use of an excavator or a backhoe to dig trenches holes or expose the foundation of a building requires a valid grading and excavation permit. Click here for more information about the grading and excavation permit.

Berms: Any earth berm or hills created to block sound or to visually screen something from view, requires a grading and excavation permit. 

Building Permits 

Once a development permit is issued by the Town of Dillon, additional building permit(s) may be required for a project. The Town of Dillon uses the Summit County Building Inspection Department for structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code review and inspections. Please contact Ned West, Town Planner, at (970) 262-3421 or for more information about whether or not your project will require a building permit.

Building permits, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and special inspection permits have their own additional fees associated with them and are determined by the Summit County Building Inspection Department at the time of application. Click here for more information about Summit County building permits. A valid Town of Dillon development permit must be issued before applying for the building related permits.

The Town of Dillon, in conjunction with Summit County, has in general adopted the 2018 series of Building Codes with amendments Ordinance 11-19 references to which may be  found in Chapter 18 of the Dillon Municipal Code 

Visit the High Country Conservation Center for information about sustainable construction practices.