The Town of Dillon will be reconstructing Lodgepole Street this spring between Dillon Pines and Lake Dillon Drive. Lodgepole Street will also be reconstructed between Lake Dillon Drive and the new Marina Road to the east.The work consists of water system repairs, new storm and sanitary sewer installation, new asphalt road and concrete drainage pans. During Construction, Lodgepole Street will be CLOSED to through traffic and it will not be possible to loop through this area.  Please advise your delivery trucks and contractors accordingly.  

This work is anticipated to be completed by June 23rd, 2017 and will start on Monday April 3, 2017.  During the first two weeks of April, 2017, the Town will be rebuilding a section of the water main and connecting existing water services to the new 12” water main built in 2008. 


Planned Water Outages

  • If you will be affected by any planned water outages, the Town will be sending a notice to you about 72 hours prior to the outage. Group A planned outages 1pm - 4pm on April 13, April 17, April 18, April 19. Group B planned outage 10am - 7pm on April 6.
  • The marina and playground parking lots will be closed during construction.
  • The recreation path will be open during construction.
  • Access to the marina will be available on:
  • May 26th – 29th
  • June 2nd  – 4th
  • June 9th – Fall 2017



Project E-mail Update List:

Depending on the weather conditions during the construction process the scheduled dates and times are subject to change and therefore will remain tentative. In order to better serve each homeowner, we would like to compile a list of e-mail addresses and phone numbers so we can add each of you to our project e-mail list.  We will send out the latest information about construction stages, water outages, project updates and other construction information and dates as soon as they become available.  If you would like to be placed on our project email list, please send your email address and phone number to Your privacy is important to us, so any emails sent to you, will be sent as a BLIND COPY, so only the Town will see your email address.   Email is the best way to keep you up to date on water outages and construction schedule changes. Because of the water main shut downs, your phone number would also be helpful in case we need to contact you immediately for some reason.

Proposed Drainage Improvements:

There is not an existing storm sewer system on Lodgepole Street west of Lake Dillon Drive.  In order to improve drainage, a new storm sewer system will be constructed.  The storm sewer system will consist of new buried pipelines and a series of drainage collection inlets and manholes.  The new inlet structures will greatly enhance the Town’s ability to collect snowmelt in the winter and runoff from summer rain storms.

Basic Reconstruction Overview

Roadway reconstruction is a major effort and will require patience and understanding during this process in order to complete each project.  The reconstruction consists of several phases as follows (some of the phases will run concurrently with other phases):

Pre-Construction Phase:

  • Install erosion control devices such as silt fences, earthen swales and sedimentation ponds
  • Install orange construction fencing along the R.O.W. line.

Removal Phase:

  • Remove existing concrete pans, asphalt pavement and grass, vegetation and plants within the R.O.W. The Town will try and save all large trees in excess of 4” in diameter where practical.
  • Haul off debris and removed items
  • Remove existing driveways to the R.O.W. line

Utility Phase:

  • Import new materials and stockpile them in Town R.O.W.
  • Install new fire hydrants, water valves, and a portion of 12” water main
  • Adjust gas, electric, telephone, cable TV lines
  • Adjust valve boxes and manhole covers to new grade.
  • Install new storm sewer pipe, manholes and drainage collection inlets.

New Construction:

  • Import new materials and stockpile in Town R.O.W.
  • Stabilize areas of the road beneath the pavement, if required
  • Install new aggregate road base material over existing subgrade.
  • Install new concrete pans and curb and gutter
  • Perform final road base preparation prior to paving
  • Install new asphalt driving surface
  • Spread imported topsoil between R.O.W. line and pavement/concrete
  • Reseed topsoiled areas with drought tolerant native grass or turf mix.
  • Reset traffic signage and repaint streets as required

Post Construction:

  • The contractor will remove equipment and excess materials from the site
  • The contractor will complete a punch list of items to fix or complete

Utilization of Town Right-of-Way during construction

During construction, the Town will need to utilize every inch of the Right-of-Way in order to reconstruct the road while at the same time maintaining access to each property adjacent to the construction area.  For your safety and to prevent interference with the contractor’s daily activities, parking will not be allowed in the right-of-way within the work zone during this time.

The contractor will need to use portions of the R.O.W. to store and stockpile materials such as storm sewer pipe, storm sewer inlets and manholes, water valves and fire hydrants.  The contractor will also need to stage a wide variety of construction equipment in the R.O.W. in order to accomplish all of the different tasks.  The contractor also must use the small limited right-of-way to maneuver front end loaders to load trucks with materials removed from the site such as asphalt, concrete and subgrade materials to make way for the new construction and the new materials.  The contractor will need to stockpile these removed items along the edge of the R.O.W. so they can be efficiently loaded into trucks and hauled offsite.

The contractor will also stockpile long piles of roadbase and rock bedding materials in portions of the R.O.W. prior to spreading them out over the road surface.

Right-of-Way Delineation

We will be installing small wooden stakes along the north side of the Lodgepole Street R.O.W to simply delineate between Town owned right-of-way and private property in order to provide essential survey information.  

It is important that you and your landscapers do not remove these stakes as they are an important tool necessary to complete the work.

During construction, a temporary orange mesh fence will be installed along the R.O.W. line to help prevent damage on private property beyond the right-of-way.

Existing private improvements located in the Town Right-of-Way

Due to the nature of completely reconstructing a road, the entire R.O.W. will need to be available to the contractor in order to store and stockpile materials and construction equipment, and to adequately maneuver large construction equipment to complete the work.    Anything within Town R.O.W., including irrigation systems, are subject to removal or damage except for large trees and structural retaining walls as determined by the Town Engineer. 

It is important to understand that the Town will not reimburse homeowners for any relocations or removals of items that have been placed in Town R.O.W. by the homeowner.   Furthermore, the Town will not replace, salvage or reimburse the homeowner for any items located in Town R.O.W.

Driveway Reconstruction

The right-of-way portion of driveways are typically removed to the property line in order to accommodate construction activities within the right-of-way.  Asphalt driveways are replaced with asphalt and concrete driveways are replaced with concrete.  Concrete driveways are typically removed and replaced to the nearest joint.

Construction Hours:

Per Town Code, the contractor may work Monday – Saturday between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.  The contractor may also work on Sundays between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.  The Town will encourage the contractor to work 6 days a week in order to reduce the overall construction period. 

Pedestrian Use of the Right-of-Way during Construction:

For your safety, the Town of Dillon would like to encourage those of you who walk regularly to use the recreation path, which will be open during construction. Please avoid those portions of the R.O.W. that are under construction.  Your cooperation by staying out of the construction site will make the project proceed much quicker and will be safer for both you and the contractor.

On Street Parking is Prohibited during construction:

Starting April 3rd, 2017, parking within Town R.O.W. shall be prohibited in the area under construction.  Only construction related vehicles and equipment are allowed to park in the R.O.W. during construction.  All other vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

Trash Delivery:

Let us know if you have any trash removal issues with your waste management company.  Please call Charles Kudlauskas at (970)-262-3407 or email


Why do the streets need to be reconstructed?

The streets in this area require reconstruction because the subgrade soils beneath the pavement has failed and there is not a storm sewer system to adequately collect and convey runoff from summer rain storms and winter snow melt.

Where is the Town’s property line?

The property line adjacent to the street is also referred to as the Right-of-Way line.  The Right-of-Way is the Town owned property which allows the Town to build and maintain roadways and utility infrastructure.  The Town owns a 60’ wide R.O.W. on Lodgepole Street.

Why do homeowners have to remove improvements and landscaping from the Town’s R.O.W.?

Construction is a difficult process that requires a lot of room so that the contractor can rebuild the road, install a storm sewer system, replace fire hydrants, maneuver construction equipment effectively, stage and stockpile materials, stage equipment and provide a place for at least one lane of vehicular traffic so residents can still access their homes during construction. 

Since the Lodgepole Street right-of-way is only 60’ wide, the contractor will need every bit of the R.O.W. in order to shift traffic from one side to the other while he is rebuilding the road on one half of the R.O.W. or the other.   Any homeowner improvements (encroachments) that are left in the R.O.W. can easily be run over, destroyed or covered with stockpiled materials used in the construction.  Therefore, homeowners who want to salvage rocks, shrubs, irrigation systems and other encroachments that they placed in the R.O.W., should do so prior to construction. 

Will the Town reimburse homeowners for improvements that they placed in the Town’s R.O.W.?

NO.  It is important to understand that the Town will not reimburse homeowners for any relocations or removal of items that have been placed in Town R.O.W. by the homeowner.   Furthermore, the Town will not replace, salvage or reimburse the homeowner for any items left in Town R.O.W. after the removal date stated above.  Homeowners need to absorb these expenses as their contribution to the project since they have no benefit to taxpayers who do not live in these homes.