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Explanation of Bill

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The following is an explanation of each line item that is billed to you. If the line item did not print on your bill, there was not a charge for that item.

SERVICE FROM AND SERVICE TO - The dates listed are for the volume charge only. The water capital fee and sewer charge is for the month in which the billing is mailed.

PREVIOUS BALANCE - This is the amount due from past month(s). If you made a payment late in the previous month and we did not receive it until after the close of the month, the payment will not be reflected on this billing.

WATER CAPITAL FEE - This charge is a fixed monthly amount and is assessed on the number of EQRs for your property. Your EQRs were assessed when the property was originally developed. A single family home is one EQR and there is a schedule for all other uses. This charge is billed in advance.

WATER VOLUME - Your consumption is marked in the units used box of your bill and is measured in gallons. Your water meter reads in thousand gallon increments and charges per 1000 gallons. The volume charge is assessed on the use for the previous month.

SEWER CHARGE - The sewer rate is charged per EQR per month and is billed in advance.

If you currently are paying water standby and sewer standby fees, they will print in the water service and sewer charge respectively.