Dillon, CO. Economic Development Plan

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 In July 2009 the Town formed the Dillon Urban Renewal Authority (DURA), in order for Town Council to move economic re-development/development efforts forward as a top priority. In January of 2012 the Town Council adopted Tax Increment Financing (TIF) as a tool to aide in the Town’s re-development/development efforts.

Economic development’s purpose is to stimulate the creation of wealth within the community, to provide an environment that invites business owners and developers to the Town to capitalize on the unique strengths and characteristics of Dillon and to create a Town identity that will enhance existing and new businesses alike. Towards that end, The Town of Dillon is seeking proposals from qualified Developers to build new residential, retail, commercial, restaurants, hotel or mixed use project(s) on the Parcels. The proposed project shall utilize the Town Center’s core area zoning to its full advantage to promote a high density high intensity development on these parcels which is consistent with the Town Planning Documents. 
While much conversation has centered on the Town Center area of Dillon, the Town Council direction is to look at opportunities both in the Town Center and the commercial district along Highway 6. The Town values its existing businesses and wishes to provide, in partnership, opportunities that will assist in their success. The Town also values new development and re-development and has put effort into attracting and communicating the Town’s desire to grow in this important area.

In addition to the current efforts it must be noted that in addition to the formation of DURA, the Town has adopted a streamlined review processes for development, design guidelines where the Mountain Maritime identity is suggested (to be adopted), and financial and non-financial incentives (including TIF) are available to assist in redevelopment.