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Town of Dillon Departments

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Economic Development, Marketing, Events Communications

The Economic Development, Marketing & Communications Department’s mission is to promote the Town of Dillon with public communications, advertising, marketing, and public relations that serve to inform and educate the public, promote economic vitality, and build a positive image for the Town, while creating a unique and memorable experience for residents and visitors alike.

The Town has prioritized economic development and redevelopment in its immediate goals. You can access many resources by connecting to the Economic Development pages of our website by pressing here.

The Town of Dillon’s Event Department has the primary goal of planning and executing the highest quality events throughout Dillon to create and stimulate business within the town’s limits while providing our locals and guests with a terrific experience.

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The Finance Department is responsible for: 

- Financial reporting

- Preparation of monthly financial statements and annual financial reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

 Accounts payable – the Town of Dillon is exempt from sales tax 

Accounts receivable – lodging tax collections, utility billing

Payroll – preparation of payments to employees

Financial planning - preparation of the Town's biennial budgets and 5-year capital plans.

Hard copies of all financial reports are available by contacting the Finance Department at 970-262-3404 or 275 Lake Dillon Drive.

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The mission of the Dillon Police Department is to provide professional, ethical, objective and community oriented police services to citizens living, working or visiting the town.

The Police Department is committed to crime prevention and working cooperatively with the community to identify and solve neighborhood problems.

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Planning Development

The Planning Department functions as the initial contact point for persons wishing to develop a piece of property, build a home, remodel a building, or even install a business sign.  It’s the Planning Department’s responsibility to see that applicants pass through the development review process smoothly while assuring that their project complies with the Dillon Municipal Code.  

In addition to ongoing development review, the Planning Department composes and processes amendments to the zoning regulations, subdivision regulations, and the Comprehensive Plan. The Department assists the Urban Renewal Authority in strategizing the process by which revitalization of its Town Center will occur and conducts research pertinent to future issues such as energy conservation and development build-out projections.

The Engineering Department provides the Town with in-house surveying, engineering and construction management and construction inspection services to save the Town money on capital construction projects. The department assists the marina, water, sewer and public works departments with day-to-day engineering needs. The department aids in the creation and maintenance of public works, water, and sewer GIS mapping for town infrastructure. 

The Planning Department acts as Dillon staff liaison to many organizations and governmental agencies including US Census Bureau, Lake Dillon Fire Rescue, Summit County Energy Working Group, Summit County Wildfire Council, Summit Prevention Alliance/Live Well, High Country Conservation Center.

Dillon Logo Public Works 4cPublic Works

The maintenance division of public works is a service-oriented division tasked with the responsibility of repairing, maintaining, and upgrading publicly owned roadways, parking lots, facilities, and equipment. 

During the winter, the maintenance division's main objective is to ensure that all roadways, bike paths, sidewalks and lots are plowed and safe.

Summer is typically the busiest time of year for maintenance. The main focus in summer is street repair and maintenance, bike path maintenance and special projects. 

The Town of Dillon has close to 20 miles of roadway, 4 miles of bike path, 23 parking lots, 8 building/structures, 50 vehicles/pieces of equipment utilized by 5 separate divisions.

Public Works is also responsible for maintaining the Town’s parks, landscaping, and facilities for the use and enjoyment of Town residents and guests alike. Buildings & parks is committed to continually finding ways to beautify the Town through landscape improvements and new installations. The Town of Dillon has two public parks and picnic areas, two public restroom facilities, three landscaped entrances, two landscaped highway median sections, four tennis courts, two playground parks, one baseball field, one basketball court, two bocce ball courts, and five pocket parks. In addition, buildings & parks crews are also responsible for the care of the Dillon Cemetery, Nature Preserve, and Town Center.

Utilities (Water & Sewer)

The Town of Dillon Utility department provides drinking water to properties within the town limits and also collects the wastewater and sends it to the Silverthorne/Dillon Joint Sewer Authority. The mission of the Town of Dillon’s water division is to provide the public with water that is safe to drink, good tasting and is aesthetically pleasing. The Town strives to provide high-quality water in sufficient quantity to meet the daily needs of its customers, as well as provide for fire protection. The Towns primary water sources are Straight Creek and Laskey Gulch.

Water from these sources is diverted and treated at the membrane water treatment facility. Treated water is fed into a 400,000 gallon elevated steel tank on County Road 51 and a 5500,000 - gallon underground concrete tank located above Corinthian Hill. Treated water from these tanks flows into the distribution system which consists of various sized mains ranging from 6 inch to 12-inch cast and ductile iron pipe. Fire hydrants are fed from these main lines.

Operation, maintenance, and repair of these facilities are performed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by State licensed and certified operators.

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Town Clerk & Administration

 The mission of the Administration Department is to provide excellent customer service and administrative support to the citizens, visitors, elected officials and other Town departments.  The Administration Department includes expenditures for the Town Council, Town Manager, Finance Director, Clerk and front office staff. The manager is the administrative officer of the Town and is responsible to the Council for the proper administration of all town business.   

Dillon Logo Marina 4cMarina

The Dillon Marina is a full-service marina in Summit County, Colorado that offers access to beautiful Lake Dillon and world-class sailing in Colorado. Boating, fishing, and mountain recreation opportunities abound.