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The Dillon Marina is located at 150 Marina Drive in Dillon, Colorado. Feel free to call or email with questions at (970) 468-5100 x 106 or at





As Lake Dillon is located 9,017 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains, the weather can be very exciting. Storms roll in quickly, bringing thunder, lightning and extremely strong winds. Additionally, there is no prevailing wind on Lake Dillon, making sailing even more thrilling. For these reasons and the amazing views, Lake Dillon has been voted one of "50 Places to Sail Before you Die", and it lives up to expectations! Keep an eye on the water for shifting winds as well as the mountains and forecasts (we like Windy, NOAA and Spark) for impending storms. 

We understand that sailing requires the cooperation of Mother Nature. In the event of inclement weather (at the time of booking), we can reschedule or refund. However, once your boat leaves the dock, our cancellation policy will apply, with a 2 hour minimum on all bookings.

For example, if you're scheduled for a 3 hour lesson and return after 1 hour due to weather, you will only be charged for 2 hours rather than the 3 hour period.

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What to Expect:

Come prepared to get the most out of your sailing experience on Lake Dillon. Check the weather and pack accordingly! Bring sun screen, warm layers, and rain gear as the weather changes rapidly. Pack food and water depending on the length of your excursion and come ready to learn!


What is the wind like on Lake Dillon?

Lake Dillon has been voted as one of the most challenging lakes to sail in the nation. There is no prevailing wind and the high alpine environment make for extreme winds and weather that rapidly changes. It's a fantastic place to hone your skills or test your ability!

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer full refunds for cancellations made outside of 48 hours of reservation time. Within 48 hours, we'll hold 20% of the booking total.

What is your weather policy?

Programming will not run in the event of thunderstorms. If it's simply raining and you're willing to brace the elements, we'll still send you out! However, if you're not interested in sailing in the rain, we'll reschedule if possible or fully refund you.Varying wind conditions can also be challenging and if the wind is too low or high, we can discuss rescheduling options. For tours, if you choose to leave the dock we will charge for the two hour minimum.

Where can my kids learn to sail?

Dillon Junior Sailing!

What kind of sailboat will we be on?

Depending on your instructor, programming is run on our fleet of Catalina 22's, our 22' Ensign, or instructors personal sailboats.