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Lets Eat! Dillon's got the Goods - in so, so many ways!

by Kerstin06/20/2018 2:39 PM
Updated: 06/20/2018

This is the way we like to think about food here in Dillon: There’s a lot to do, and the air is quite thin compared to, say, Newark or Tuscaloosa. With the human body exerting itself beyond normal means, you need to feed it often and well. 
So, yeah — we’ve got you covered. In the forms of breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, mid-day snacking, bedtime snacking, a quick something for watching the sailboats, to-go meals for the sunset at Marina Park, backpack meals for the trail, appetizers for your pontoon cruise and savory food-truck somethings for your weekend concert at Dillon Amphitheater. 
And then there’s the beer. Trust us.

Dillon is home to two award-winning breweries that conveniently have full-scale restaurants attached. In the heart of town, Pug Ryan’s dishes out the prime rib, seafood, steaks, ribs and a bit of vegetarian fare, in addition to elixirs such as Peacemaker Pilsner, Deadeye Dunkel, and Old Crow Cream Ale. Bonus: Canned beers for hiking and boating.
You may have heard of the Tiki Bar, a satellite of Pug Ryan’s that is delightfully lakeside at the Dillon Marina. You can get Pug’s craft beers at this seasonal favorite, in addition to Rum Runners and an array of pub food. Lots of high praise has been earned here in the form of various best-of lists: Sunset magazine rated it the fifth best deck in the western United States and, more recently, The Denver Post listed it among the top five beach bars in Colorado.