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Really Good Goods @ Dillon's Friday Farmers Market

by Kerstin06/20/2018 2:20 PM
Updated: 06/20/2018
If you’re a fan of fresh and local, plan to be in Dillon on a Friday morning (or five) this summer. Just head over to Buffalo Street next to Town Park and indulge. Really, it’s OK.
Featuring sweet seasonal offerings from the Colorado soil, an abundance of the artisanal, and a whole lot of the unexpected and delightful, the Dillon Farmers Market has become a mainstay of summer in the High Country. It runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fridays June 10 through Sept. 16.
Shop With Feeling
Feel free to stroll through the market without an itinerary. Listen to the free live music and chill. You’ll undoubtedly find something (or some things) to call your own.
But know that at least some of your fellow market-goers are here on a mission. They may be here to procure a picnic lunch before heading off on the bike path or on a boat trip. Or maybe they need to stock up on dinner for their week/weekend in Summit County or get some Christmas shopping done. Don’t scoff — the latter are the same people who have fun in December and who score bonus points for good gifts. 

You’ll also see brides-to-be planning out gift baskets for wedding parties, locals getting their Colorado-grown greens for the week and homeowners hunting for that one piece that’ll really tie the room together. And if you’re neither crafty nor artisanal, this is the place to stock up on other people’s good work.
How It Works
If you’re not from Colorado, there are a few things you need to know about the things that grow here. We’ve got some of the sweetest corn, melons, and peaches known to mankind. Over on the Western Slope, where the summer nights are cool and the days are hot, Mother Nature provides wonderful things that stick to our chins and our memories: Olathe sweet corn and Palisade peaches. The possibilities await on your grill.
On the plains east of Colorado Springs, the famous Rocky Ford melons give you the same knowingness that some things in life are indeed perfect. And then there are the luscious greens that thrive in Colorado’s thinner, cooler air. Trust us — we’ve got it worked out for you, and at the very least, the Dillon Farmers Market can seriously improve the volume and quality of your fruit and vegetable intake.
That said, you also may want to indulge in some Colorado-brewed kombucha to support your gastrointestinal well-being.
 The same snowmelt that brought forth the aforementioned delicacies also goes into Colorado’s grapes, which in turn become Colorado’s wines — the foundation for a growing industry and a frequent visitor at the Dillon Farmers Market. Pick up a bottle or three (remember your dog-sitter and houseplant-waterer), and then — to complete your wine and cheese experience — wander around a bit more and select from an array of Colorado-made organic craft cheeses.
 If you’re so inclined, a selection of Wisconsin cheese sometimes makes its way into the mix. But for the most part, the lion’s share of what you’ll see here is crafted in Colorado.
And More Food
Ever notice how some people bring the perfect items to a party while you’re sitting in the parking lot at the convenience store wondering why it’s just not happening for you? Among these people are the ones who get many good things, often, at the Dillon Farmers Market. Beautiful jars of salsa, handmade chocolates, fresh herbs for fresh pasta, perfect sauces that hint you may have made them yourself, New Mexico-style chile, homemade fruit pies — these are just a few of the fine farmers market offerings.
You also can pick up fresh-cut flowers, handcrafted tableware, pottery, and maybe some patio pieces that will give you the confidence to host a party and look darned good while doing it.
And while we’re at it, let’s improve on that store-bought coffee and take home some good beans. 
Gifts (That You’ll Probably Keep)
People really like to take home the cool, gifty things that show up at farmers markets. Just be sure to buy enough stuff so the gifts actually become gifts. (It’s OK — we’ve all done the unthinkable here and given ourselves the “gifts.”)
Stock up on things like soy candles with pure essential oils, handcrafted jewelry, crystals to hold the good vibes and, even though we’ve already mentioned chocolate, we’ll mention it again. 
The list goes on — lotions, balms, soaps, fun and unique clothing. You’ll find bigger things, too: hammocks, Adirondack chairs … countless things to improve the relaxation experience.
Go to Get in the Know
The Dillon Farmers Market is also the perfect place to learn some fun and useful things about Dillon and the surrounding area. Stop in and chat with the folks from Friends of The Dillon Ranger District or Lake Dillon Theatre Company. You might meet info-rich people from the Summit County Library or the Summit Historical Society who can tell you the story of Dillon’s two relocations and how the town had to move to its present place — most likely its final destination — to avoid ending up at the bottom of the lake. (Some of the old roads are still visible at times.)
Any way you approach it, you’re almost certain to love the Dillon Farmers Market. Please understand that due to health codes, Fido can’t be part of the fun here. But chances are you can pick up a new collar or artisanal dog treats to make him feel a whole lot better.